Welcome, puzzle solvers!!!

A little more than a year ago, 17 of the best puzzle people in the Mid-Atlantic Region came together and created a puzzle cache series called the PMC - Puzzle Masters Challenge. 

The puzzles were incredibly difficult and the caches were in some really wonderful areas.  As a whole, the series only had a handful of people who completed it, but each individual cache wasin and of itself a masterpiece.

Not too long ago, I was asked if there would be a sequel.  Thinking that it may be fun to do this again, I reached out to more puzzle masters. As I was discussing the new series with friends, someone asked me if the puzzles would be easier this time. I laughed and told them probably not.  But that got me to thinking.

Why not create an easier series too?

I reached out to a bunch of cachers to garner interest and a couple of my extreme caching buddies agreed to participate.  When they started discussing their hides and I noticed the terrain ratings they were considering for their caches, it made me realize that we were going to need an extreme version as well.

So now we have three new series for your enjoyment.  We hope you like them.  The following pages were created to be a one-stop index for all the PMC caches in the three new series and the original PMC.

Enjoy and have fun out there!!!!